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Life CODE!!

"A Valuable Lesson has been learned." "Life Code" I have being on the journey to help my son move to a new city. My other son was living there already but I had to move him as well because they were both moving into a new apartment together. I have quickly come to realize this… Continue reading Life CODE!!

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Universal CODE:

I was about to write an article on the basis of love and blah blah blah...well amazingly enough this phrase came to my mind. "Universal Code" I thought ok universe, what exactly is universal code. I went on youtube and started to listen to peoples mathematical theories about universal code and got another message. "You… Continue reading Universal CODE:

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When you finally…..

~GIVE UP~ Three of the best words you could ever usher out of your mouth. Do you know why? Because as soon as you truly feel that way and actually give up, you get out of the universes way which in turn, gets you out of your own way. The universe can not bring blessings… Continue reading When you finally…..