Anger Can Be Our teacher.


When one feels angry about life and what is going on we tend to internalize all of our faults. I believe that anger at people is actually a mirror of why we are angry at ourselves. Maybe it is that being angry fuels a start to a journey within that helps us work through the quagmire of difficult terrain within our hearts.

On the onset it can make one appear ugly and tormented to those around the angered person, but the reality of anger is that the person is working through some of the most difficult terrain in their heart that perhaps they have ever had to work through. I think that anger is the catalyst that brings forth change. That moment when a person stands up and says NO MORE…is the moment that anger has found a route for change. Sometimes we as people take way too much torment…day after day…we let it build up and then hold the anger all inside. We work through these thoughts and feelings alone much to the dismay of our friends and family. 

We may say that we HATE. We may say that we CAN’T STAND it anymore. But we still hold it all in and don’t let the pain out until it erupts like a volcano. While you will have psychologists and people with fancy titles saying that this is not healthy, I would like to challenge that theory. Who are they to say what is healthy. Yes there might be better ways in their opinion for people to process their emotions but the reality of things is that some people are wired differently and need that build up of intensity to help them stand up for themselves. To help them get to the point of choosing honesty over pain and fear. Their pain is so deep that they no longer fear what anyone will say or think. They just need the pain to end.

I think these people much like myself are people pleasers.  They don’t want to hurt other people by saying what is on their mind. They probably feel guilt themselves for even feeling the way that they do. They feel like they are less of a person for not being the bigger person in the situation when that little 2-year-old inside of them is having a massive temper tantrum and screaming at the top of their lungs…IT ISN’T FAIR.!.!.  When in reality they chose this life, moment after moment. Decision after decision. One compiled on top of another. Not knowing how to get out of it or if they even can. So they end up living a tortured existence until something breaks and they decide to take a way out.

The reality is, that way out has been there all along. But it took them getting to a certain place of anger to actually line up with their decision vibrationally. I am speaking of the law of attraction here. When we have lost all resistance to the outcome of a situation that is when we can take a stand and all of a sudden feel great about our choice. Because we have lined up with our feelings and nothing else matters. We have to let them out regardless of whatever comes next. That is lining up with our choices. I have always used the comment that

“Courage is not absence of fear but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

So in that moment we exude courage. So is courage a bad thing? Heck no courage is not a bad thing. Then how can anger be a bad thing that destroys us if it leads us to taking a leap of courage. It would stand to reason that it would be easier to have courage instead of anger…but in reality that is a lifetime journey that is cultivated one step at a time. To live in courage instead of fear and anger. Yes absolutely we should all strive for it…but I can tell you this…honoring your anger will bring you to courage eventually. So when you feel angry be thankful for the emotion itself.  Be thankful because you must know that courage soon will follow. So be strong tonight…and remember who you are.


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