Liquid love.


Is it entirely possible in our belief systems that our idea of God or divine source is possibly less than 1 degree apart from someone else’s idea of their God? Perception is so subjective to change. That less than 1 degree… that less than 1% of shift in perception has created countless religions across the globe. Does it not then state in fact that all religions do lead to one God.

We humans have such a need to control our conditions, that we live in for supreme comfort, so much so that it can be less than 1 degree difference from someone else’s idea. Trying to control these conditions is what makes us feel safer… But we have actually created a Chasm.

“A Vortex of Hope. My Hope could be less than one degree off from someone else’s hope but looks entirely different.”

The point I’m trying to get across is that, perception is so subjective. I think there is one language that we all speak that doesn’t even need words. I believe that language comes from Divine source. I believe we are born into this life with it and I believe that we stray from it. I believe that it is our Divine Purpose to come back to it. I don’t believe that our Divine Purpose in life is to follow a certain path per se. I believe that our divine purpose in life is to learn to “be love”.

First starting with ourselves. Second taking it towards others and thirdly, spreading it across the world. It is entirely possible to choose love in the face of anger, hardship and a perception that lives in a box. Love can cure absolute agony and help you be free from resistance. The resistance that is so thick that you can cut through it like a knife.

“There is only one thing that can take us all past the “what is~ness” of right now and that is love.”

Be rooted… ground yourself. Give yourself the best possible future by getting up every morning and facing the world with liquid love. Let it spread from the innermost part of you and watch your day change in an instant. Show compassion where there is none. Do not place blame. Be an encourager, an uplifter and always find the positive because if you do I can, reassure you that you are starting to live your life as liquid love and the only thing that will ever come back to you are Universal blessings.

But don’t just take my word for it… go into the world and try it. Most of all, when you are hurting and you feel like you want to break, that’s when it’s time to show this love to yourself.

Treat your innermost being, your soul with this liquid love that you treat others with and it will propel you to a whole new level of existence. One that you never even knew was possible.

Blessings ~Halo~


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