Content or Complacent?


I was once wandering through life doing each day with a certain amount of devotion to tasks and chores. Just doing what needed to be done. No more…. No less… Doing what I personally required of myself so that when I looked in the mirror at the end of the day I could say….Yup… This was a good day.

I was very large at the time. I believe that I weighed 355 lb. I didn’t like doing more than what was required of me in the moment. At certain times doing what was required of me, taking care of the kids, making meals getting them to school.. really and truly was all I felt I had energy for. Very possibly that was true. But as I have said in one of my prior posts, perception is so subjective. It’s that one degree difference that makes you realize whether you were actually content or complacent.


It’s like I was stuck in a loop of nothingness.”


So many people live this life this way until the universe spits them out battered and bruised and forces them into situations to help them grow so that they will be closer to following the path that will lead them to their true souls purpose. Now I admittedly don’t know all the answers where this is concerned…no one does…but I feel that it makes much more sense to face your fears and take a risk now and then to set yourself on a new path before the universe gets fed up with you and forces you into it. You see to me?? I have been on the receiving end of the universes wake up calls. It is NOT AT ALL FUN. I would much rather get out ahead of things to listen to and connect with divine guidance taking sources cues to start the journey in the first place.


Is there anyway to do this? Yes I believe there is. Through meditation and guidance from source you can start your way to being the best version of yourself in this moment you are living. I believe the best version of anyone’s self comes from being liquid love. First to yourself and then to others. I have to admit though I believe that it was easier for me to show love to others before I could show love to myself. So maybe that is the other way around. Any thoughts on this? Please feel free to share.

Blessings ~Guiding Halo~


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