For a reason or Coincidence?? Part 1


Step #1

Have you ever heard a phrase that over time came to mean more to you than you ever could have imagined? To be honest, I had never thought about it until my world had turned completely upside down. I was at a stage in life where I needed guidance. I needed something, anything, that would give me a cornerstone of truth to move forward with. Quite literally i needed help!!! The sooner the better. Little did I know that this simple phrase would be the cornerstone of the life I was about to build.

“Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment
that something is more important
than fear.”

” Courage.” Perhaps I never knew the true meaning of this word. Perhaps like a lot of people, I thought that being courageous meant being emotionally strong and that if I was afraid, I was less than anyone who wasn’t. I believed that if I had fear of something. I would have to go to counseling for a while, so that I could overcome this fear. I believed that I had to get over my fear before I could consider myself courageous. It dawned on me one day, many years ago, that this phrase doesn’t

say you won’t be afraid but that it is imperative that you reach for your dreams in spite of being afraid. Wait a minute! I started to realize that for 42 years of my life I had misunderstood how this is supposed to work and if I am correct this will change my world as I know it. I was beginning to question all of my core values and truly everything I had based them on until this very moment in time. It is amazing how one simple phrase can change your understanding and help you see so much clearer. What was I starting to see more clearly? My truth.

I could never have known how this new knowledge would impact my life. Is it all really that simple? It’s just a choice? Well, I can’t say that it was just a choice, but I can say that it was like a switch that went off in my brain. At that moment in time I was given a tool that I could use to propel myself forward to places in life that I had only ever dreamed of. Do you know those places? Maybe you say, if I had this I would…., or if I was rich I would…., or if I had more courage I would…..! In my case, tears would fall down my cheeks when I saw someone sing on stage because I had always wanted to do that. Maybe it was the green eyed monster of jealousy lead me to putting other people down because they have what I wanted couldn’t have. Or told myself I couldn’t. After all it was an easy out so I could remain lazy. I can tell you one thing, all of this made me a very angry person. I have since come to believe that all things happen for a reason. When it is time, regardless of where you are at, I believe that the universe will throw you into a situation or situations that will put you on the path it intends you to be on. Your true souls purpose. Well let me tell you! The universe reared it’s ugly head and threw me Step #1.

“This is what happens when you don’t take action yourself, the universe intervenes.”


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