For a Reason Or Coincidence?? Part 3


Stage #2


As I sit in the emergency room, there is this young man sitting next to me. He had cause all around his arm. I asked him what happened and that is when I met his mom. Her name was Jane. I started telling her about myself and why I was there. I had told her that I was going through a divorce and feeling very frustrated with the whole thing. She told me that she had a lot of experience with divorce as she had been married a few times already and knew that it was difficult. I found her very encouraging and she gave me her number and told me to give her a call that perhaps she had some information that may be of help.

This is where our friendship began. We became pretty much inseperable. You see little did I know that at the time she was a major stepping stone in what God had planned for me. I would go to her house to visit. She had a piano that I sat and played at many times. You see, as a child I had taken piano lessons up until the age of 18. I had 9 years Royal Conservatory under my belt and nothing to show for it other than perhaps a learned skill or two of discipline. Ya to be honest? I can’t even say it taught me that. But I do know that music is in my soul. When I was just a little tike about three years old my mom would take us to a friends house down the road. This lady had a piano and I would plunk on it. My mom told me to get down and leave the piano alone because she didn’t know how this lady would feel about her little daughter messing around on her piano.


This lady said no no, listen. She is trying to play a song. I was hooked. Every birthday wish and Christmas wish, was filled with black and white keys and a dream to be able to play them. My mom had tried for many years to be able to buy me a piano but it never really worked out. Until one Christmas my dad who was a very hard worker, brought home a bonus check and told my mom she could do what she wanted with it. In that moment she knew instantly she was getting me a piano.

I woke up that Christmas and nearly dropped. I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy. I started taking lessons immediately. There were times in those years that I wanted to quit. I had had enough of the endless practice in the early morning hours. So did my brother. Can you imagine being woken up every morning of the week an hour early to hear your sister plunking on the piano? That would have driven me crazy. He still talks about it to this day.

Anyway, when I had left home I left my piano behind and went to search for my life elsewhere. I had gotten married and had two children. My husband at the time had lost work and I needed money to feed the kids so I sold it. I was so angry at him for so long because of that. But really and truly it was my choice. It wasn’t easy to do but I felt it was necessary. My mom was livid. However I told her that one day I would have another piano. I didn’t know when or how I would pay for such a thing. I surley never imagined in a million years it would be given to me.

Jane and my friendship continued for about 4 years. during the last year she told me that she was going to move away. I was quite upset about that but, it is what it is right? She told me that there was one issue she hadn’t worked out. I asked her what that was? She then proceeded to say that she didn’t want to lug this huge piano around with her and that it needed a home. If I could get someone to move it…that it was mine.

Can you imagine the shock. The excitement. The….everything. Here I was sitting there listening to this. I had told my mom I would have one but wow. To have it given to me? I just, I still can’t believe it till this day. So yes of course I took it. Are you kidding me?

When I tell you that a truly unselfish act of kindness and sacrifice will bring it back to you. I am living proof of that. I sold my piano unselfishly to feed my kids and a g/f I met in the emergency room when my world was turning upside down was that one to bring a piano back into my life. Wow. It was something I never could have dreamed of. Never would have thought of. Something that my soul needed so desperately. Obviously God knew that and boy did he deliver.

So you see, Stage 2 started right after stage one had started. Like I said the universe didn’t waste any time. It says now, and stuff starts happening. seriously, this blows my mind. What are the chances? I mean nothing could have ever cooked this up except what I believe was the Divine stepping into my life and saying,. enough!! It’s time.



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