Weight loss is still my journey.


I have discovered intermittent fasting.


There are many times in life even after weight loss surgery that I still step on the scale in dread. I fear the extra pounds have been added on. I fear not being loved for my body now that things are not as a normal body would be after surgery. Just as they weren’t before surgery. It is interesting how we put ourselves through all of this for self love. To be healthy. I have been no more than 185 lbs in the last 8 years but I am here to tell you that it has still been a journey.

I have since tried many diet fads to keep the weight off being that I used to be 355 lbs and the idea of being anywhere near that again scared the livin bageebers outta me lol. But what I have found works for me is intermittent fasting. Amazingly enough everyone tells you to eat three square meals a day otherwise you are starving yourself. I believe this to be the biggest lie in the whole universe. We undergo surgery to make us starve ourselves to lose all of this weight, eating maybe max a teaspoon of food per meal and it is condoned by the medical society. So If that be the case then why not take full responsibility for our diet before we get to that point and do whatever it takes? I feel that intermittent fasting is the best way to go,..putting your body into Ketosis.


This has generated fantastically amazing results for me. I eat one meal per day consisting of vegetables and meat..going very lean on the carbs and eating healthy fats.

Now I’m no expert but I just know what works for me. Going to the gym is great but I never lose weight. So This is the approach I take. During the day I drink 1 liter of water that has lemon juice and half a teaspoon of no salt added for the potassium. I have issues with water retention as it is so I do not add salts to the water. During the day I also have a sparkling water beverage or two…no calories, no sweeteners. I have given up coffee and tea unless i get a keto headache then I will have just half a cup of coffee or tea for the caffeine. I get keto sticks from the drugstore and make sure that I am in the middle somewhere because if i go too far into ketosis i feel awful. That I believe is called Keto Flu. NOT FUN! Yes I’m A baby…deal with it!!! This is all I do and in one solid week I have lost 11 pounds. No snacks, nothing other than a supper meal.


So you see weight loss surgery initially takes care of the weight issue but for the most of us…it is still and always will be a journey. It is doable. I am here if anyone wants to comment or talk. Please feel free to join me in this journey. It is nice to have the support of others in the same scenario.



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