Seeing the Good through the worst!


Are you the type of person who has such a hard time letting go of someone in your life? Be it a friend, lover, or family member, even though you know you have to for your own highest good? Are you the type of person who sees the good in every person regardless of the heinous things that they have done to you and or other people?  I want to talk about this because I am exactly the same way and perhaps I can help bring some clarity for you on exactly why this happens to you.

Being the person that sees beauty where there is only black disgust is one of the hardest and loneliest existences that I can possibly imagine. You end up telling people how you feel and then suffer the repercussions of opening your heart and mind to them. How can you still care about someone who has done such a thing? They try to make you feel like your feelings are invalid or wrong. That you have just been victimized don’t even know your own mind. How can you think they even deserve to live, let alone care that they still breathe. They should be shot and buried out on the back 40.  Oh man have I heard it all.

You see, I some how innately understand that all of those comments come from fear and the realization that the control that a person thought they had over a condition, person or circumstance, was just a misconception of their power as a human. Their misconception that they can protect the ones they love and people they care about from such heinous crimes.  They are angry because they themselves feel violated in the basic essence of them not being able to be as powerful as they had thought they were. Or perhaps not as intuitive of situations that they portrayed to be completely opposite of the truth. The reason I know this is because for a lot of my life I was that person.

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