Live Life Out loud.


What do I mean by that? Have you ever lived a whole day without saying no? Have you ever taken every opportunity that has been offered to you? Without questioning… Why is this happening? What does it say about me if i do this? What will it say to others if I do this? I wonder sometimes if we all take life far toooo seriously. I know I do. I guess I have always feared the worst may happen. But what is “the worst” exactly?

We all have stories that we tell ourselves before events have even occurred. Someone says something and instantly we have a running diatribe in our heads of the outcome.

I would like to live the rest of my days truly as I feel. Without caring if someone is confused by my hurt or pain or tears. Or confused by my joy or laughter or smile. I have decided that it’s not my job to decipher peoples confusion. If your happy… Be happy. If you are sad… Be sad… If you are hurt… Be hurt. Live your life with full honesty. Tell people right away, why you are hurt. Tell people why you are joyous. Tell people the affect they have on you at any given moment.

Perhaps this could be considered living your truth without apprehension.

Love, feel love, be love and most of all love yourself as you are. No one else will if you don’t. So get on it. Be your biggest supporter. Your own cheering section.

“I DARE YOU to Live your life Out loud”

Living a large life is living an emotionally honest life. There aren’t many people that do this. But how much easier would life be?

But what do I know? 😇

“Lighthouse inspiration”

~Guiding Halo~


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