Second cup Second kisses.

“That is the first time I have ever kissed someone in Second Cup.

“July 11th 2018”

It takes one second to change your life as you know it. One second to change another life. I sit here in Second Cup with my lighthouse of inspiration. Coming into alignment with my inner being and enjoying all the beauty life has for me.

” July 17th 2018″

TODAY i thought I was facing a loss, but to my surprise I had second kisses at second cup. I faced today, head on inspite of my fear. I opened my arms wide and said Amaze me universe. It has so far.

I wonder if we did that every day what beauty would behold us. It is easy to say you should do this or that, but the reality is if we choose to live a love lead life, then beauty is around us at all times. Love isn’t hard my friends or I don’t believe it should be. If you love someone tell them. If your heart finds beauty in the day tell someone about it. Joy and love can be found in the smallest of things. Like Second Kisses at Second Cup. ❤🔥❤.

“That’s light house inspiration for ya.”

Being guided and lead by the

“Guiding Halo”

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