The Event, The Shift and confusing energies.


It has been proven that a person can heal faster if they have music in their life. I love meditating to certain sounds and music. They resonate and take my vibration to a point of zero resistance which is why we all mediate. As of late I have been feeling very confusing energies, with this lions gate portal that has been opened.

Lions Gate Portal

I have been purging a lot of old emotion from childhood and stuck emotions as well as belief systems which are just old programing throughout my whole life actually. From what I have read it is purging karma from all of our past lives as well. It has been rather intense and at times I feel like it has been extremely hard to connect with others. Emotionally or in anyway really. But I feel that energy starting to shift. It’s like my heart can feel a little bit of light breaking through the heaviness that has been permeating my energy field since July 13th partial solar eclipse. I am understanding it was the start of a new paradigm shift for our mass consciousness to bring us into the fourth dimension. As we all know we have been operating in the 3D since before the time of Jesus.

A lot of changes are taking place right now astrologically, spiritually and definitely physically. Here is another video to explain some more.


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