I am a personal growth specialist. I aim to help you find what truly works for you in your daily life to improve your ideals in what your value truly is. I love teaching people about what I believe love truly is. Loving is at the basis of our existence. We may not remember this but truly it is what we are all here to come home to.  I love it when I am coaching someone, or many and they have that light bulb moment and you can see their context has shifted and their life from that moment on will never be the same because you can’t not know what you have just learnt. This is all about personal growth. We need to be ready and willing to use our gifts so that the universe can bring us all together accomplishing what is necessary for us all to grow and become the best versions of ourselves.

Love lifted me, love is divine source. Lets all aim to be liquid love.


~Guiding Halo~

“One of the best teachers and authors I know. Showing how to use and be the law of attraction.”

“Esther Hicks”


“This man has now taken spirit form once again. The late Wayne Dyer, Amazing Teacher and Author”

“Wayne Dyer”

Full movie The Shift


This man will light a fire under your but with his enthusiasm. Amazing teacher and author.

Brendon Burchard



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