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I am a psychic Medium and very much will use any information that comes forward in the reading to bring your loved ones forward to work with us to bring you clarity. They Love you so much and just want to bring you what is for your highest good.I have to say that the person you most want to hear from doesn’t always come forward. So please do keep that in mind

Your Reading Options Below

1, Ask One Question —for $12.22 I Pull 3 Cards

2. Reading Voice Call For 15 Mins $25.00 Skype Or WhatsApp

3, Reading Voice Call For 30 mins $50.00 Skype Or WhatsApp


Now those who want to get exciting. I’d Love To Meet You On
Video Call

1. Reading Video Call For Half Hour $75.00 (Skype Or Whatsapp)

3, Reading Video Call For One Hour $100.00 On WhatsApp Or Skype

4. Business Coaching & Personal Growth Sessions Voice Calls or Video Call. These sessions are only purchasable in “2 half hour session” These sessions are extensive & I want to assure that you are ready to put the energy into growing your life and business.

Purchase Your Two Sessions


IF you would like to leave additional Instructions Please feel free to add info in the form below.

P.S. Once I Receive Your Payment and Choice of reading, I will contact you within 24 hrs to book your reading. Readings are typically booked within 72 hrs of your purchase.

Any Additional Info You Would Like To Add? Thank You .


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