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Second cup Second kisses.

"That is the first time I have ever kissed someone in Second Cup. " "July 11th 2018" It takes one second to change your life as you know it. One second to change another life. I sit here in Second Cup with my lighthouse of inspiration. Coming into alignment with my inner being and enjoying… Continue reading Second cup Second kisses.

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Live Life Outloud.

What do I mean by that? Have you ever lived a whole day without saying no? Have you ever taken every opportunity that has been offered to you? Without questioning... Why is this happening? What does it say about me if i do this? What will it say to others if I do this? I… Continue reading Live Life Outloud.

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Knocked off my feet!

The energies are building and have been incredibly intense. I and almost everyone I know is either sick, exhausted, stressed to the max or dealing with karmic crap. I set out on a path to embrace the new. I moved to a different city. I met a man... A very special man. ❤ I have… Continue reading Knocked off my feet!

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Summer Solstice. (Exhausted)

This summer solstice seems to really be packing a punch for me. It has been an incredibly emotionally charged week so far. An absolutely fantastic one with great friends and fantastic life lessons learned and relearned. I have been meditating more and my body informed me today that it is great to take care of… Continue reading Summer Solstice. (Exhausted)

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The Love Code! Survivor of Childhood sexual abuse!

"To love Or NOT to love, That is the question!!" Is the word and action that we humans use for love, Or have we been describing something other than love? Perhaps it is not love at all. I am sharing this with all of you because this new point of view can set… Continue reading The Love Code! Survivor of Childhood sexual abuse!