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Energy Shift Oct 16, 2018.

Something has been changing in my world and the vibration I feel is pretty intense. It’s like someone has been shaking the pop bottle and the lid is about to explode off. You know that feeling when something big is coming and you don’t know what but you intuitively feel it rushing through your body. You can feel the growing energy of antisipation.

For me this is an exciting feeling, like anything is possible. Like the next wave of energy is a new cycle that will bring me the inspiration to be the most genuine version if myself that I have ever been.

I feel as though I am at a huge precious of change. Great change. Like things I have been working towards my whole life are about to manifest in huge ways.

The Universe has ways of doing things and bringing people together to accomplish our hopes and dreams on a whole new level. We really have no idea if the vastness and power that Source has in our life because source is constantly working behind the scenes. We are not in this life alone.

If you only knew who it is that walks beside you everyday, you would never have fear, doubt, or be stressed because the power that holds you where you are supposed to be in this life is the Divine. Do you have any idea the work that goes on behind the scenes to bring favor to your life. Just to put you on your path of your Divine Soul’s intention?

Blessings abound my friends. They are not hard to find. Just open your heart and see.

~Guiding Halo~

Manifest Through Love


Abraham Hicks


Thanksgiving. Today We Celebrate.

This is my favorite time of year. It holds my favorite holiday. It is my favorite because it brings us together without gifts, without anything other than the love within my heart. I have a lot of brokenness in my life but I hold everyone I have loved and everyone I still love in my heart today especially close. I send out prayers of gratitude for every person that I have had the honor of cherishing at any given point in my life. Whether we are in contact or not, my heart and soul knows that the journey we have been on together in this life has always been for a reason.

Beauty does not come through things or money. Although we may adorn ourselves with items that somehow make us feel more beautiful. Often we spend most of our lives trying to aquire them. True beauty comes from the lasting love you leave in people’s hearts. Whether you have left someone feeling happy with you or angry with you, the reality is you have still made an impression which you were brought here to do. No one comes into your life or heart without a purpose. Whether it be to make you see yourself, to be their light or to do that for them.

At times love can be a hard thing to figure. Love is not a thing that our 5 senses can experience. Love is a vibration. . It is not yours to give or to take away. Love was here before you arrived and it will be here after you leave. It simply is an energy that comes from the Divine. The All that is All. How, why, who and what we put this energy towards will always affects our journey.

Whether that vibration is used to make love, be love, feel love, show anger, to fight, to discipline, or to stand up for your strongest beliefs is all a form of self love.

If you have a baton. On one end is love and on one end is hate. They are all part of the same wand. They may vibrate at a different frequency but they are very much one in the same. You are still innately focused on the person in question. The opposite of love is not hate. It is indifference. Hate can only come from the space where love once lived. Otherwise there would be no resonance with either vibration.

When you put this energy inwards and build it within your soul it can be felt by yourself and others in such a permiable way. People can feel this emanate from you in the strongest way. That is why the vibration of love can heal you or destroy you.

This Thanksgiving when we feel the vibration of hate or anger towards someone it is because of our love for them that this hate or dissatisfaction is present. Know that in those feelings, love is the word you should be using. There is no difference. Love is hate… Hate is love. Yes.. I actually just said that.

❤️ and ☀️ to you all.

~ Guiding Halo ~

Wanting A Relationship!

On Point! The real deal.

If you love yourself set yourself free. If you come back to yourself it was meant to be.

A real relationship must be had with your own Inner Being before a healthy relationship can fully materialize.

When you love someone! Lighthouse of Inspiration!

Have you been the one that shares your heart and soul with no restriction, just to have it seemingly shoved back in your face? Have you done everything possible and been kind, thoughtful, supportive, just to be thrown aside?

Some people aren’t at all used to receiving love. They can’t possibly receive it.. Perhaps because they don’t feel loveable or they don’t realize the beautiful souls that they are. I could be wrong but I recently met a person whom this pertains to. What a growth curve for me. Don’t get me wrong… I have actually realized, that I have had some atonement to make for my own karmic behavior and having someone not accept your love, or even open up about their love for you has been incredibly painful. Lessons learned. Very hard lessons. I responded in absolute anger… I think I hurt myself worse than anyone else which is usually the case when acting out is involved. Definitely not as I normally would have. That poor soul. My poor soul. Sighs.

Know that you are loveable whether you are used to hearing it or not. Know that, when love was shown… The reason discomfort or fear happened is because the love you were connecting with was from Divine Source itself. Know that this kind of love is how I view you and how Divine Source views you. I hope at some point you can open your heart chakra enough to let yourself accept this type of love. It truly is the best and purest type there is.

The Tower definitely fell today my friends but I have to tell you, I have zero regret for showing such incredible love to another. I have no regret for the anger that I showed either… The opposite of love is indifference. If someone is angry, please know that the amount of passion that goes along with that anger can only come from a very deep seeded love. Otherwise not one single **** Would have been given. Lol. Just Sayin. You continue to be my lighthouse of inspiration. Scotish people. Geeeez Louise!

~Guiding Halo~

A thought on love. ❤

I want to share the unconditional love that I am. We live in a love centered body mind and spirit. I want all to know they are valued and have purpose. The fact that we exist means we are worthy. We have all looked at love as something we have to give. But it is not ours to give. We are love. We be love. We do not give it. We are it. Love is a state of being. We are all beings. What are we being? Love. I believe, from before birth, that is our natural state of being…. Perhaps?

Our Life’s Mission (Thinking Out loud)

Is to be Faith, Love and trust!

I have come to realize that trust is not about trusting someone else with your heart or trusting yourself with your heart. perhaps it is about trusting that there is more at work in your life than what you can see. TO understand that you are a small component in a whole world of beauty that the universe has to bestow on not just you but on others.

I can always “HAVE” Trust. I can always “HAVE” Faith. I can always “HAVE” Love.  Trust is not something that is ours to give or to take away. Just like love is not ours to give or to take away. Nor is faith. You do NOT own “FAITH”, “LOVE”, or “TRUST”! They are not ours. They come from a much higher plain then we exist on. Perhaps that is why we don’t understand them or even use them correctly.


Meaning of Unconditional: not subject to any conditions.
“unconditional surrender”
synonyms: wholehearted, unqualified, unreserved, unlimited, unrestricted, unmitigated, unquestioning;

Is it possible that we use them from our own selfishness, not at all as they were intended?  Is that why we feel so much betrayal or disappointment when we feel someone has misused our “TRUST”? Or we say we have put our “FAITH” in the wrong person or situation? Or when you say you LOVE someone, but don’t feel you have gotten that love in return? I believe that we use them incorrectly. I believe we look at all three of these upside down.

What if when you say I love you, what you are truly meaning is that I am seeing you right now as divine source sees you. Only with love. Seeing you through Divine Source that is within me. What if when you say, I trust you, what you are saying is, I am seeing you right now as divine source sees you, as trustworthy. What if when you say, I have faith in you, what you are saying is, I am seeing you right now as divine source sees you with the utmost faith. Just what if when you say the word “I” you replaced that with Divine Source because your inner being is Divine Source.


I believe that we are spiritual beings living a physical existence. That spirituality that is in all of us, I call Divine Source. That which connects all of us. That which we all come from. Therefore if these three things come from Divine Source that is our “inner being”….It would then make sense that these qualities belongs to divine source. Perhaps they are on loan for us to give abundantly throughout our lifetime but to give as tools for others to feel that faith, love and trust from divine source. Not to feel those things from us. FAITH, LOVE, AND TRUST are a Divine Source job. When you remove your ego from the situation, and realize there is no lack of these in your life, you no longer need to go in search for them to feel whole. You are them, as they reside and exist within you on a divine level. Yours to have flow through you freely from Divine Source to you and another human that carries Divine Source within as we all do.

You can be FAITH LOVE, and TRUST because you already are.”

“Unconditional Faith, Unconditional Trust and Unconditional Love”


“Guiding Halo”




Knocked off my feet!

The energies are building and have been incredibly intense. I and almost everyone I know is either sick, exhausted, stressed to the max or dealing with karmic crap. I set out on a path to embrace the new.

I moved to a different city. I met a man… A very special man. ❤ I have everything going for me just to find myself back in the old for 5 days. 😲 I was feeling depressed and scared. Emotional as all heck. Then I realized that just because the old has appeared, does not mean it can’t be made new. It takes forgiveness, Love, Strength and faith. Do you have it in yourself to make the old new? To realize that the changes you have experienced have made you different? To understand that knowing you are different, makes it new already? Once you have learned a new way of loving and a new way of being, you can’t unlearn it. Especially if it is source driven.

So going into an old situation out of love and compassion to help those you love in spite of their actions or behavior… Not needing the conditions to change is actually…. Unconditional love? I’m not talking about putting up with abuse or even negative energy. I’m talking about standing firm in your power and knowing that you can handle any situation because you are operating from Divine Source. That whatever comes up, the universe has your back. They sent me a “Lighthouse” DF *

It is incredibly empowering. Not feeling so knocked off my feet after all. Imagine that.

“This is Alchemy at its finest my friends”

~Guiding Halo~

“Love In Any Language”

There it’s an old Sandy Patty song that is called “Love in any language.” I think it really speaks to the way that we should all love. I used to sing this song all the time when I was a young girl performing in church for everybody. It’s not surprising with the direction that my life has taken but this song would have been so much to me then as it does now. I hope you enjoy it.

Seeing the Good through the worst!


Are you the type of person who has such a hard time letting go of someone in your life? Be it a friend, lover, or family member, even though you know you have to for your own highest good? Are you the type of person who sees the good in every person regardless of the heinous things that they have done to you and or other people?  I want to talk about this because I am exactly the same way and perhaps I can help bring some clarity for you on exactly why this happens to you.

Being the person that sees beauty where there is only black disgust is one of the hardest and loneliest existences that I can possibly imagine. You end up telling people how you feel and then suffer the repercussions of opening your heart and mind to them. How can you still care about someone who has done such a thing? They try to make you feel like your feelings are invalid or wrong. That you have just been victimized don’t even know your own mind. How can you think they even deserve to live, let alone care that they still breathe. They should be shot and buried out on the back 40.  Oh man have I heard it all.

You see, I some how innately understand that all of those comments come from fear and the realization that the control that a person thought they had over a condition, person or circumstance, was just a misconception of their power as a human. Their misconception that they can protect the ones they love and people they care about from such heinous crimes.  They are angry because they themselves feel violated in the basic essence of them not being able to be as powerful as they had thought they were. Or perhaps not as intuitive of situations that they portrayed to be completely opposite of the truth. The reason I know this is because for a lot of my life I was that person.

 ~ Guiding Halo ~





The Love Code! Survivor of Childhood sexual abuse!

“To love Or NOT to love, That is the question!!”


Is the word and action that we humans use for love, actually…love? Or have we been describing something other than love…as love? Perhaps it is not love at all.

I am sharing this with all of you because this new point of view can set your spirit free. There are a lot of survivors of childhood sexual abuse, Dealing with this issue and searching my heart and mind for answers. Trying to come to some sort of conclusion within myself as to how and why I feel the way I do.How do I feel you ask?

I feel at times like I am crazy because society tells me that I need to hate my abuser. They did me wrong and they need to pay. But my heart still has compassion and love for them and their circumstance. How can that be sane? How do I solve the dilemma that rages within my mind and heart? Maybe the answer is to look at love differently and perhaps we have all been looking at love upside down.

“The opposite of love is not hate….it is indifference”

Is love actually the opposite of what we have been portraying it to be? I have been taught that love and hate are completely opposite on the scale of vibration. Love feels so good and hate is a vibrational variance in complete opposition to love. But I know that to hate feels really good too at times. It feels better than depression and sadness. What if they are wrong? What if love and hate are not opposite in vibration? What if they are exactly the same? Let me explain this a little further.

I am sure that we can all agree on the fact that in order to feel loss or lack there has to have been the object of our desire there in the first place. In order to have the negative feeling of hate…there has to have been the positive feeling of love. Negative feelings only come from the feeling of lack or loss of something that was previously had. Thus proving that in order to feel hate toward someone or a situation there has to be an equal feeling of love along with it. So what is the opposite of love?


I believe that hate and love are one in the same. They may feel different because of the attention and feeling we put towards one or the other but on a vibrational scale, you can not have one without having the other. Have you ever sat and actually felt in your soul the feeling of love at it’s newest purest form? Then have you actually thought about how good it feels to hate at it’s newest and purest form? Oh man can I tell you for me that the emotion and feelings…the vibration feels very much the same. Have you ever heard that saying that there is a thin line between love and hate? Perhaps that is because there is no line at all. How about that saying, “I love to hate him and I hate to love him.” He drives me mad. But I still love him. I have had many a g/f tell me this and I have said it myself. I wonder if you can actually have one without the other? If they are actually one in the same then perhaps you can’t.

Say you pick up a stick and on one end you have love and on the other you have hate. The reality of the situation is that the stick will vibrate and resonate at the same frequency. Regardless of which end love is on or hate is on.

My Definition of love
: strong affection for another arising out of hurt or personal ties
: attraction based on sexual desire
: affection and tenderness felt by lovers
: affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests
: an assurance of affection

My Definition of hate
: strong loathing for another arising out of hurt or personal ties
: loathing based on sexual desire that is not fulfilled
: loathing and hurt felt by lovers
: loathing based on lack of admiration,
: loathing and no assurance of affection

So now that I have shown you the opposite can you see how much they are the same? Not the same words but the same as in the amount of energy that is put toward the action. There is definitely a distinction between two or more things. If we look at balance or involvement in one thing or another on a small scale…we can probably find difference. But when it comes to our human version of love, there is no difference between love and hate if it is directed at the same object of affection, item or thing that we put the emotion toward. There is only energy and vibration put toward it. Regardless of the energy or vibration you put toward it there is still the subject you are focusing on. There is only the subject or the object. It is all one in the same. It is all energy that is focused in that direction. Therefore love and hate toward the same item isn’t just possible it is probable.

Lets describe Indifference

: lack of difference or distinction between two or more things
: absence of compulsion to or toward one thing or another

My Version of Indifference

: no distinction between two or more things because there is no desire to one or the other
: absence of compulsion toward the subject.

“Opposites Attract”

When you have lack of compulsion toward the subject that you have been vibrating toward that is when you start to develop opposite energy and vibration.Opposite energy and vibration can not come when the same subject is being focused on. For example, you can not love to hate someone and hate to love them unless they are one in the same. They are the same subject. Maybe real love comes when we can find indifference in the situation and actually love the subject without any personal feelings involved. Without any conditions. Maybe feeling indifferent to any outcome and loving the subject regardless is actually the purest form of love. No conditions. No requirements. They don’t need to be or act a certain way. They don’t need to be faithful, because they are being unfaithful to themselves not to you. They just need to be and experience their journey on the planet as they are meant to. Understanding that a persons actions have so little to do with you and more to do with themselves and their vibration toward the subject.

“In the movie Eat, Pray, Love,…”

the shaman said that losing balance for something is part of living a balanced life. If we look at life as a whole and then view it through those glasses, it can truly change your perspective.

Divine Source loves us this way. It doesn’t matter what we do or how we mess up…Source doesn’t take it personally. When my abuser used my young child body to do his bidding, it wasn’t actually about me. It was about his need to deal with himself. I was the object not the subject. You see…this is why I can still have unconditional love for people regardless of what they do wrong.

We use the word love to describe feelings or a state of being in a moment of vibration that elevates our hormones and emotions. Perhaps we shouldn’t. perhaps we should just be saying it feels really good. Because that is the truth. Perhaps the word love is something completely different then what we have been attaching to it. I would like to say that love perhaps is the vibration of indifference to an outcome. But still holding that persons soul in a position of honor regardless of their actions because I believe that is possibly unconditional love. If that is the case…you can still love your abuser and hold their soul in high regard without being crazy. You can still have compassion for someone who is in societies eyes is banish-able without being crazy. I am not at all saying that the undesired action should have happened or should at all continue…all I am saying is that if you feel unconditional love for someone that has hurt you and you still care about their soul …that puts you closer to your divine being and unconditional love than you think you have been. It does not make you crazy…it makes you evolved.


How about that saying that opposites attract. Well perhaps they attract each other because without the opposite part they are not a whole. So if attracting the opposite of someone makes up a whole, then it makes sense why opposites attract. We are all wanting to be a part of something that makes up a whole so that we can feel whole? Another misconception in the human condition.

The reality is that we already have those parts within ourselves. The good and the bad. They are not the parts we focus on or put energy toward or perhaps even want to because we feel bad in even trying to honor our shadow side. So perhaps we look for someone with all of the shadow parts within ourselves so that we can point a finger and place blame. We are already a whole being. Nothing is lacking. Nothing is needed from another. Perhaps if we viewed ourselves as we truly are and moved through this existence as a whole we would start to realize that needing love is a misconception in needing validation in this human existence. Giving unconditional love in this human existence is all it is about. Just as Divine Source loves us.


Recap: Love is not the feeling of love or hate. Love is indifference to the outcome and loving a soul and holding it in high regard…regardless of the condition or outcome.

~Guiding Halo~

Life CODE!!

“A Valuable Lesson has been learned.”

“Life Code”

I have being on the journey to help my son move to a new city. My other son was living there already but I had to move him as well because they were both moving into a new apartment together. I have quickly come to realize this would prove to be a more daunting task then I had realized.

I mean moving is daunting in it’s entirety already but what can I say. This proved to be a whole new level of daunting. Although I have also realized that it gave me the opportunity to be used in a way that I value most. In fact it very well may be the place that I put the most value in my life. I love giving. I will give all that I have and then some. To the “nth” degree. But what most don’t realize, is that it blesses me to give. It makes me feel alive in ways that I never knew were possible. To give with the idea that it is simply to give out of the purest form of love.


There was a monk that once said, always plant a tree where it will bring the most shade but where you never plan to sit. This is talking about selfless acts of kindness. I have been living this state of existence for the last several years. Although I have recently been made aware of one flaw in this theory that I have been interjecting in my human imperfection. I have been searching in a very small part for reciprocation. If you give with the attitude to receive in any way shape and or form from another human, you are giving with the hope of reciprocation. You see the problem here? It rarely ever comes.


I believe that true giving is done with the idea of no reciprocation. If you want to give…give. If you want reciprocation, I suppose that is fine to but seek it from divine source. Do not seek reward from imperfect humans who will only give you a morsel of what divine source could give you anyway. What you truly desire, could never truly be given in it’s entirety by people. It can only be given by source. I have come to realize that source knows me better than I know myself so therefore the divine could be the only source to give me what I truly need despite my own asking and my own desires. IF you ask an imperfect human as we all are to bring you reciprocation then you will get imperfect reciprocation. Like attracts like. If you do not search for reciprocation then guaranteed you can spend more time planting trees you don’t intend to sit under. Which source values more than reciprocation and you will come to value it more as well.

“You can move people further with love, then you can a moving truck.”

I have given my time, all I own, all of my money and all of my love, to those who need it. I trust that source will lead me to more who need my services and along the way provide me with the ability and clarity to be what is needed. Trust is an amazing thing. It’s not trusting a person or in yourself. It’s trusting that no matter what happens or where life takes you that it is for a higher purpose. Be liquid love. It has never steered me in the wrong direction. EVER!!!


~Guiding Halo~