Energy Shift Oct 16, 2018.

Something has been changing in my world and the vibration I feel is pretty intense. It's like someone has been shaking the pop bottle and the lid is about to explode off. You know that feeling when something big is coming and you don't know what but you intuitively feel it rushing through your body.... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving. Today We Celebrate.

This is my favorite time of year. It holds my favorite holiday. It is my favorite because it brings us together without gifts, without anything other than the love within my heart. I have a lot of brokenness in my life but I hold everyone I have loved and everyone I still love in my... Continue Reading →

Wanting A Relationship!

On Point! The real deal. If you love yourself set yourself free. If you come back to yourself it was meant to be. A real relationship must be had with your own Inner Being before a healthy relationship can fully materialize.

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