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Manifest Through Love


Abraham Hicks


“Matthew McConaughey – This Is Why You’re Not Happy | One Of The Most Eye Opening Speeches”

I couldn’t have said it any better. Truly inspiring.

Time to go within… Mercury Retrograde is coming again. Nov. 17 – Dec. 8 How will it affect your zodiac sign?

Have you ever found yourself reflecting on the past and all of a sudden you wish for the impossible? Wish for things to turn out differently than they did? Wish for different choices to have been made?

With this Mercury Retrograde in play, I am finding, that in my process of reflecting, I see strength like I never thought I would have had. Coming through the chaos with a determination that could only be explained as Divinely guided.

In this past year I have had to stand for what I perceive as justice. What I perceive to be right on a moral level… Putting all of my personal feelings aside. Everything I had hoped for and dreamed of were vanquished into an abyss of pessimistic persuasion. Just to come out the other side to find a completely different version of myself. A version of me that the universe has put through the torture chamber just to take me out and then put me in a polisher. It is painful but I am starting to see the layers .

How Mercury Retrograde affects the 12 zodiac signs.

The different colored layers like a polished rock. Each line has its own demension and story. Each spot has its own wound that has been filled with beautiful color. As you turn the rock in your hand, you see the colors change with the depth of what was once a crushing blow. You see clear layers that are your tears of suffering. Another layer that are your tears of joy. Spots that have a bit of length to them like stab wounds that have healed. This beautiful gem has been molded and shaped into one of the most desirable and expensive gems on the market.

So I stand here and look in the mirror. I ask myself again, what do you see? As tears fall from my eyes….

Divine Source says…

“I see you

~Guiding Halo~

Wanting A Relationship!

On Point! The real deal.

If you love yourself set yourself free. If you come back to yourself it was meant to be.

A real relationship must be had with your own Inner Being before a healthy relationship can fully materialize.

The Event, The Shift and confusing energies.

It has been proven that a person can heal faster if they have music in their life. I love meditating to certain sounds and music. They resonate and take my vibration to a point of zero resistance which is why we all mediate. As of late I have been feeling very confusing energies, with this lions gate portal that has been opened.

Lions Gate Portal

I have been purging a lot of old emotion from childhood and stuck emotions as well as belief systems which are just old programing throughout my whole life actually. From what I have read it is purging karma from all of our past lives as well. It has been rather intense and at times I feel like it has been extremely hard to connect with others. Emotionally or in anyway really. But I feel that energy starting to shift. It’s like my heart can feel a little bit of light breaking through the heaviness that has been permeating my energy field since July 13th partial solar eclipse. I am understanding it was the start of a new paradigm shift for our mass consciousness to bring us into the fourth dimension. As we all know we have been operating in the 3D since before the time of Jesus.

A lot of changes are taking place right now astrologically, spiritually and definitely physically. Here is another video to explain some more.