Life is Beautiful.

Life is so dynamic and full. I am so excited about every step of this journey. About watching it all unfold one synchronization after another. Each moment. Each memory. Each feeling. Each smile. Each frown. All parts of the journey that make up this beautiful life. Reach for the best feeling thought. Lead from inspiration... Continue Reading →


Time to go within.

We need to go within, to meditate, to connect to source, to understand our next steps. It's a good thing. when you feel like shutting out the world to figure things out, do it. Do not delay,. You need to connect with source.


Isn't it amazing how when we raise our vibration and on a consistent basis are living an existence of being connected to divine source and love.... That when sadness arrives it hits us like a ton of bricks. I remember when I used to live my whole life everyday in sadness thinking that was the... Continue Reading →

For A Reason Or Coincidence?? Part 4

Part 4 For many years after that I sat at that piano playing, practicing, and writing my own material. I always wanted to play professionally but never thought it would happen to me. No, it's all just pipe dreams. That kind of stuff happens to and for other people, not me. Not some 355 lb... Continue Reading →

Content or Complacent?

I was once wandering through life doing each day with a certain amount of devotion to tasks and chores. Just doing what needed to be done. No more.... No less... Doing what I personally required of myself so that when I looked in the mirror at the end of the day I could say....Yup... This... Continue Reading →

Liquid love.

Is it entirely possible in our belief systems that our idea of God or divine source is possibly less than 1 degree apart from someone else's idea of their God? Perception is so subjective to change. That less than 1 degree... that less than 1% of shift in perception has created countless religions across the... Continue Reading →

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