Performing again! Beautiful life!

I have come to realize that, there are darker times in ones life then you could ever have imagined. Performing piano and singing had become such a way of life for me, but the universe had other plans. I would play piano and sing to help me deal with things emotionally but there came a... Continue Reading →

Time to go within.

We need to go within, to meditate, to connect to source, to understand our next steps. It's a good thing. when you feel like shutting out the world to figure things out, do it. Do not delay,. You need to connect with source.

Content or Complacent?

I was once wandering through life doing each day with a certain amount of devotion to tasks and chores. Just doing what needed to be done. No more.... No less... Doing what I personally required of myself so that when I looked in the mirror at the end of the day I could say....Yup... This... Continue Reading →

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