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The Universe has your back!

As you watch this ball move I want you to think of it as yourself. The One moving you is Divine Source energy. Source will take you through this life effortlessly. When you feel you are going to be dropped, you are on the edge, or you are being moved in so many directions. You are being caught by another part of source. You think you are meant to walk this life alone and magically a mate appears. You dance through life together effortlessly by Divine Sources hand. All who surround you are watching, spellbound by the magic you create.

You are not alone but always held in the vortex of Source energy. If we could only see who it is that carries us every day.. We wound never lack in faith or trust again.

There is so much you can learn in this life if you open your heart and see.

~ Guiding Halo ~

Energy Shift Oct 16, 2018.

Something has been changing in my world and the vibration I feel is pretty intense. It’s like someone has been shaking the pop bottle and the lid is about to explode off. You know that feeling when something big is coming and you don’t know what but you intuitively feel it rushing through your body. You can feel the growing energy of antisipation.

For me this is an exciting feeling, like anything is possible. Like the next wave of energy is a new cycle that will bring me the inspiration to be the most genuine version if myself that I have ever been.

I feel as though I am at a huge precious of change. Great change. Like things I have been working towards my whole life are about to manifest in huge ways.

The Universe has ways of doing things and bringing people together to accomplish our hopes and dreams on a whole new level. We really have no idea if the vastness and power that Source has in our life because source is constantly working behind the scenes. We are not in this life alone.

If you only knew who it is that walks beside you everyday, you would never have fear, doubt, or be stressed because the power that holds you where you are supposed to be in this life is the Divine. Do you have any idea the work that goes on behind the scenes to bring favor to your life. Just to put you on your path of your Divine Soul’s intention?

Blessings abound my friends. They are not hard to find. Just open your heart and see.

~Guiding Halo~

Life at times is a hard thing to figure!

Sometimes being stomped on. Having your heart torn out of your chest and stomped on again is one of life’s biggest blessings. I know it sure helped me grow some lady balls and get myself regrouped.

Not only that it showed me how much a person can truly endure. It is incredible that less than a 1% perspective change can change the trajectory of your life as you know it. Did you ever have a sling shot… Put a rock in it and had the absolute best intentions to hit your target? All of a sudden a person would tap you on the shoulder and say wait… Which direction is the wind coming from. Whats your arch trajectory based on distance to hit your mark. Anxiously you make those adjustments…. You feel confident and you release hitting you target bang on.

Did you ever stop to think that the universe views it that same way? We have our dreams and our sites in target.. But it holds us up for a purpose so that when we do launch… We launch with all if the best perceptions and perspectives in play? When there are things your aren’t even aware of yet, that if you did know it will change your path and life’s trajectory as you know it. Be thankful for the hold ups my friends. Be thankful that Divine Source has your back. We are not in this alone.

~Guiding Halo~


“Time to go within!”


Performing again! Beautiful life!

I have come to realize that, there are darker times in ones life then you could ever have imagined. Performing piano and singing had become such a way of life for me, but the universe had other plans. I would play piano and sing to help me deal with things emotionally but there came a time that I couldn’t even look at the piano or think about using my voice. It’s like the trauma of the last three years had closed my throat chakra so tight and all of my creativity was sucked dry.

I was being taught that I had to stand up for what was my truth. I had to speak out about injustice and a deep level of pain I had never imagined. How could I have ended up here after all of my success. Well I was being shaped and molded by Divine Source to create a new me. A new future and a new depth of of love and understanding in the depths of my soul.

Well my friends, the wait is over. I have come back and after all of that to feel my heart so full of love and joy for music and my musical family was truly amazing.

I can’t remember the last time my heart felt so full. Performing is definitely something that brings me incredible joy. I am so thankful and feel so blessed to have the talent that I have and to be able to grace the world with it.

❤ Thank you Divine Source for helping me see the beauty that is in me. ❤

What Mercury Retrograde wants you to know!?

Have you ever found yourself reflecting on the past and all of a sudden you wish for the impossible? Wish for things to turn out differently than they did? Wish for different choices to have been made?

With this Mercury Retrograde in play, I am finding, that in my process of reflecting, I see strength like I never thought I would have had. Coming through the chaos with a determination that could only be explained as Divinely guided.

In this past year I have had to stand for what I perceive as justice. What I perceive to be right on a moral level… Putting all of my personal feelings aside. Everything I had hoped for and dreamed of were vanquished into an abyss of pessimistic persuasion. Just to come out the other side to find a completely different version of myself. A version of me that the universe has put through the torture chamber just to take me out and then put me in a polisher. It is painful but I am starting to see the layers .

The different colored layers like a polished rock. Each line has its own demension and story. Each spot has its own wound that has been filled with beautiful color. As you turn the rock in your hand, you see the colors change with the depth of what was once a crushing blow. You see clear layers that are your tears of suffering. Another layer that are your tears of joy. Spots that have a bit of length to them like stab wounds that have healed. This beautiful gem has been molded and shaped into one of the most desirable and expensive gems on the market.

So I stand here and look in the mirror. I ask myself again, what do you see? As tears fall from my eyes….

Divine Source says…

“I see you


~Guiding Halo~

When you love someone! Lighthouse of Inspiration!

Have you been the one that shares your heart and soul with no restriction, just to have it seemingly shoved back in your face? Have you done everything possible and been kind, thoughtful, supportive, just to be thrown aside?

Some people aren’t at all used to receiving love. They can’t possibly receive it.. Perhaps because they don’t feel loveable or they don’t realize the beautiful souls that they are. I could be wrong but I recently met a person whom this pertains to. What a growth curve for me. Don’t get me wrong… I have actually realized, that I have had some atonement to make for my own karmic behavior and having someone not accept your love, or even open up about their love for you has been incredibly painful. Lessons learned. Very hard lessons. I responded in absolute anger… I think I hurt myself worse than anyone else which is usually the case when acting out is involved. Definitely not as I normally would have. That poor soul. My poor soul. Sighs.

Know that you are loveable whether you are used to hearing it or not. Know that, when love was shown… The reason discomfort or fear happened is because the love you were connecting with was from Divine Source itself. Know that this kind of love is how I view you and how Divine Source views you. I hope at some point you can open your heart chakra enough to let yourself accept this type of love. It truly is the best and purest type there is.

The Tower definitely fell today my friends but I have to tell you, I have zero regret for showing such incredible love to another. I have no regret for the anger that I showed either… The opposite of love is indifference. If someone is angry, please know that the amount of passion that goes along with that anger can only come from a very deep seeded love. Otherwise not one single **** Would have been given. Lol. Just Sayin. You continue to be my lighthouse of inspiration. Scotish people. Geeeez Louise!

~Guiding Halo~

From my soul to yours. Unconditional love!

I have learned something about myself as of late that I need to share and there is only one soul I want to tell.

I have learned that the meaning of the words “I love you” have changed for me. While to some extent, I still hold this idealized version of the mundane, white picket fence marriage and bliss, just to end up stopping having sex after 6 years… Lol (How and when did that ever become bliss?)

I have been on a journey to manifest into my life for the past years a love that is connected, not by reason, or circumstance. Not by labels or houses. But by a true soul connection. A love that I can have for a soul regardless of it’s flaws… To love him just for who he is. This is why you knew that you could be exactly who you are with me. No pretense. I have to admit that It has definitely been a work in progress. I have found that soul. The problem is… I lost balance and got caught up in the old paradigm of it having to be a certain way. It’s partial codependency and partial control…

It’s like we are tied to some old expectations that are making us resist this new soulful love. At least for me. ” I think”… (But what do I know?) I am truly a soul on a journey just as your soul is. I am not telling you this for any outcome. I don’t even need a response. But I have realized that my confliction has come because in stepping into unconditional love… Our souls found each other.

I know that is why this bond… Soul bond.. Will not leave me. I have been learning how to unconditionally love myself and you my darling took this to a whole new level. Which I believe scared the shit outta me. Yup.. I know it did. I need your soul to hear this for my souls sake. Not for any other reason. Not even for a response.

This is a message from the deepest part of my soul to the deepest part of yours. I love you ❤

My soul can now rest easy as I go through life because I have spoken it’s truth.

When things go wrong remember who walks beside you.

It isn’t unlikely that there are times in life you’ll be going full speed ahead. Bouncing from one task to the other in such a hurry that we don’t take time to ground ourselves. We don’t take time to bring ourselves inward and grab a hold of what Divine Source is trying to tell us. Or to give a heartfelt thank you to the Divine for guiding us through this tidal wave of life.

I mentioned previously in a post that the universe will take drastic measures to get your attention. At times you may start to have a nagging feeling like you are out of synchronization. Like your mind and heart aren’t on the same page… Or something bad happens and you wonder what you did to deserve this bad Karma.

This is when it is time for a wake up call. I will use my dear friends recent experience with a lost purse, to help bring light to this thought process.


I got a frantic text from her saying that she has lost her purse!?!?! All of her identification… Everything in it just gone in an instant. Panic ensued rapidly as fretting took over the next 24 hours of her life. After making phone calls and finding out the most likely place she would have left it behind… Of all places it could have been lost… It is what most people, would call, a very sketchy part of town. Chances of it being found? 0…chances of ID in it? -100. Chances of money being still in it? -100,000. She put an add on her FB page and the negativity was astounding. You will never get it back. Good luck to you. You can imagine… It wasn’t pleasant.

She held strong but started to doubt her karmic energy. What did she do that was so terrible to deserve this. She must have done something wrong to someone recently. She had called all of her friends and asked them to pray on her behalf.

Now.. When people ask me to pray.. I say absolutely.. But my prayers differ from others. It’s actually a form of mediation in a sense where I ground myself and allow divine source to flow through me with absolute light and pure energy of well being. I send that energy out to all involved and to her purse, to the place where she left it and to all who work there. I let that energy permeate the whole situation… Saturating it completely. That’s it. Then I’m done. I walk with absolute confidence that the Divine has a plan.

(I will say that this is a lot harder to do when it is my purse that is missing lol. After all, we are all a work in progress. Right?)

After questioning her karmic energy and starting to find herself more upset by the whole thing she stopped. Took her self to a quiet place and did some divine energy work for herself. To most peoples amazement she was called and told that her purse had been found with everything in it. Even the money.


When she was telling me about it.. I smiled and said that nothing was wrong with her karma. We all get busy at times and the universe needs to do a check in with us to make sure it has our attention. Usually before it is going to take us to a breakthrough.

Lets be realistic. If you had crappy karma.. You never would have seen that purse again. The fact that it was found in the worst part of town in tact and returned to you? Should hands down tell you that your karma is perfect. Source needs to remind us sometimes that life doesn’t go smoothly because we make it go that way. It goes smoothly because source has our back. Just be. You are covered. Sometimes the divine checks in with you… Does something to get your attention just to show you how well you are doing. I mean, if this didn’t show her how great her karma is and how carried through life she is… Then nothing ever will.

I truly believe we would never question things or fret over anything if we all could truly understand and know who walks beside us everyday….


Blessings. ~Halo~

For a Reason Or Coincidence?? Part 5


Step #3

So there, I was on the surgery list again. How exciting. “Said with a whooooole lot of sarcasm.” Here I was waiting again. You’d think I’d have been a pro at it by this time. Have you ever realized that the closer you get to something the more frustrated and tired of waiting, you become? Maybe it is because our soul feels the closeness of these changes appearing in our vibration. We first hatch the idea…the universe answers and then we line our vibration up with the intended result. This is when I believe we start to lose resistance to the idea and the universe brings our intentions closer to realization. This is also when we get the most frustrated to the point where we say a few choice words and give up on the whole thing all together….which is brilliant because that is when the state of zero resistance occurs.
Allowing the universe more creative license to bring us our desires. Why? Because we get our ego’s out of the way.

The late Wayne Dyer liked saying that EGO stands for Edge God Out. I like that theory. I also like the saying…man can do only so much…then comes God.


So finally the day for surgery comes. Surgery is had and all of a sudden,….I start losing weight. It didn’t take long. By Christmas that year I was 200lbs. Then by spring I was 160. By summer I was 150 and that is where I stayed for a long while.

During the spring of that year, about three weeks before Valentines Day…I thought…what are the chances that I could take my piano playing and singing professional? I decided to stop in at the local hotel and ask if they needed a pianist there in the lounge. They didn’t but they highered me to play piano for their Valentine’s Day Dinner in their restaurant. It was all very exciting and thus began my career being a professional pianist. Now go ahead and ask me what makes a person all of a sudden decide to go and do that? Remember a while back I mentioned that whole “Courage” word? Yup. that is exactly what it took and a desire to be my best me. I was thin and I had no more excuses to hide behind. No more fat to hide behind either. It was an incredibly liberating experience. I pride myself in being a person of my word but I can honestly say that this is possibly the first time I kept my word to myself on something so vitally important to my emotional well being. It truly has been a huge blessing in my life.


For a Reason Or Coincidence?? Part 3

Stage #2


As I sit in the emergency room, there is this young man sitting next to me. He had cause all around his arm. I asked him what happened and that is when I met his mom. Her name was Jane. I started telling her about myself and why I was there. I had told her that I was going through a divorce and feeling very frustrated with the whole thing. She told me that she had a lot of experience with divorce as she had been married a few times already and knew that it was difficult. I found her very encouraging and she gave me her number and told me to give her a call that perhaps she had some information that may be of help.

This is where our friendship began. We became pretty much inseperable. You see little did I know that at the time she was a major stepping stone in what God had planned for me. I would go to her house to visit. She had a piano that I sat and played at many times. You see, as a child I had taken piano lessons up until the age of 18. I had 9 years Royal Conservatory under my belt and nothing to show for it other than perhaps a learned skill or two of discipline. Ya to be honest? I can’t even say it taught me that. But I do know that music is in my soul. When I was just a little tike about three years old my mom would take us to a friends house down the road. This lady had a piano and I would plunk on it. My mom told me to get down and leave the piano alone because she didn’t know how this lady would feel about her little daughter messing around on her piano.


This lady said no no, listen. She is trying to play a song. I was hooked. Every birthday wish and Christmas wish, was filled with black and white keys and a dream to be able to play them. My mom had tried for many years to be able to buy me a piano but it never really worked out. Until one Christmas my dad who was a very hard worker, brought home a bonus check and told my mom she could do what she wanted with it. In that moment she knew instantly she was getting me a piano.

I woke up that Christmas and nearly dropped. I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy. I started taking lessons immediately. There were times in those years that I wanted to quit. I had had enough of the endless practice in the early morning hours. So did my brother. Can you imagine being woken up every morning of the week an hour early to hear your sister plunking on the piano? That would have driven me crazy. He still talks about it to this day.

Anyway, when I had left home I left my piano behind and went to search for my life elsewhere. I had gotten married and had two children. My husband at the time had lost work and I needed money to feed the kids so I sold it. I was so angry at him for so long because of that. But really and truly it was my choice. It wasn’t easy to do but I felt it was necessary. My mom was livid. However I told her that one day I would have another piano. I didn’t know when or how I would pay for such a thing. I surley never imagined in a million years it would be given to me.

Jane and my friendship continued for about 4 years. during the last year she told me that she was going to move away. I was quite upset about that but, it is what it is right? She told me that there was one issue she hadn’t worked out. I asked her what that was? She then proceeded to say that she didn’t want to lug this huge piano around with her and that it needed a home. If I could get someone to move it…that it was mine.

Can you imagine the shock. The excitement. The….everything. Here I was sitting there listening to this. I had told my mom I would have one but wow. To have it given to me? I just, I still can’t believe it till this day. So yes of course I took it. Are you kidding me?

When I tell you that a truly unselfish act of kindness and sacrifice will bring it back to you. I am living proof of that. I sold my piano unselfishly to feed my kids and a g/f I met in the emergency room when my world was turning upside down was that one to bring a piano back into my life. Wow. It was something I never could have dreamed of. Never would have thought of. Something that my soul needed so desperately. Obviously God knew that and boy did he deliver.

So you see, Stage 2 started right after stage one had started. Like I said the universe didn’t waste any time. It says now, and stuff starts happening. seriously, this blows my mind. What are the chances? I mean nothing could have ever cooked this up except what I believe was the Divine stepping into my life and saying,. enough!! It’s time.


For a reason or Coincidence?? Part 2

Part 2

pexels-photo-601798At that time in my life, the excuses just kept appearing. I was getting so good at it. *Chuckles*. What was I to do? Seriously, I mean, I am a single mom of three living on a disability check. How is anyone ever supposed to get anywhere with that tiny amount of money. To top it off, I ate to console myself and had gotten myself up to a whopping 355 lbs. I would never have admitted it at the time but my weight was going to be the death of me if nothing else got me first. When did the anger really start? What happened to take me to this moment in time when anger became the only emotion that I decided Feel?

I was working at a call center back in 2004. I would be sitting most of the day at my desk taking calls, when I started to feel tremors in my hands and legs. Then after a little while they would go completely numb. I didn’t let it worry me because I couldn’t be sick. I didn’t have time to be sick. I had three kids to support and an ex husband that wasn’t paying child support at the time. I let this happen and slide without seeing a doctor for about 5 months. I still had energy and wasn’t catching colds or anything so it’s all good, right? Wrong!

The last day that I worked there I looked down because I felt a burning sensation in my legs. My legs were so swollen that they were pretty much folding over the top of my shoes. Even though I was large my legs were probably double the size that they had previously been. I went to stand up and I could barely move my legs. I called my boss over and she insisted I go to the hospital. I was all of a sudden very concerned. Imagine that. In hind sight I wish I would have had been checked sooner.

pexels-photo-300857.jpegNone the less, there I was going to the Emergency room. Not working, not making money and not providing for my children. I wasn’t sure what to do. So I sat down at the desk to check myself in and filled the nurse in on what had been going on. She did the typical blood pressure check and her eyes almost popped out of her head. My blood pressure was EXTREMELY high! After a long wait in the waiting room, I finally got checked out. They had blood work done and the usual routine check. The doctor put me on blood pressure medication and said I should be fine.

I was under a huge amount of stress due to many different factors and a week later I saw my family doctor who decided it wasn’t a big deal. I told him that I wanted to find out why my legs were so swollen. He said they don’t look that swollen to me. This was a week later, so of course they don’t. Anyway, doctor gave me a letter stating that he felt I should be on a medical leave until this was sorted out. He gave me three months. So my boss had no choice but to agree to a three month leave of absence. I thought I was under stress before? Well that stress level just hit the roof. How was I going to live? So many questions flooded my mind. I was so afraid. I talked to my mom and some friends and found out ways I could be subsidized. It took 2.5 months for that funding to reach my bank account. We made due thanks to the generosity of family, friends and the local food bank.


I had to move out of the house I was renting because I could no longer afford it. Thank God that I got accepted into government subsidized housing right away or we would have been on the street. After about a year, many doctors appointments and specialists inspections, I got a diagnosis. I have fibromyalgia. What the heck is that? After some internet research and conversations with family, I started to understand. I was devastated. I was working and enjoying my job. I felt like I had purpose again and bam. It’s all pulled out from underneath me. In the blink of an eye. It’s all gone.


At that moment is when I decided anger was going to be my only emotion. After all, dreams were obviously for other people who had more luck or were whatever it was that I wasn’t. There were no tears, nothing. Just anger. It was a kind of anger that even through a divorce I had never experienced. It turned me into a person that I sadly had come to be extremely comfortable with and had no reason to be any other way. I was quite happy in my misery because it was safe. Safe from dreaming up what would eventually be my next downfall. My mom was amazing for me during this period of time. She told me that God had a plan for me we just didn’t know what it was yet. I mocked! God? What God? I will never have anything. I am stuck on disability for the rest of my life. I will be fat forever and I just have to accept it. There is nothing anyone can do. My hands were tied.


I bought in to all of those thoughts because it was the easy way out. Even though it was the easy way out, it was incredibly hard to come to terms with. But still less of a struggle then trying to find a solution. I still deal with it to this very day. The fact that I am not able to function like most people. But I have definitely come a very long way. This began a 7 year period of my life that would build and prepare me for what the universe or God, had in store for me. I believe this is when I started to learn what it was like to push through for reasons other than myself.

When there is no fear, just anger. No courage, just hate. I lived for one reason and one reason only. For my children. Ok, ok. I guess I was still capable of love but even they will tell you that I was the handful.

I never would have thought that the loss of my job would have any positive outcome. Do you think I am learning strength in the midst of strife yet? Well it’s a start. Today it makes me smile and laugh at how it all happened. Let me tell you this. The universe does not mess around. Just hours after the catalyst to all of this happens, sitting in the emergency room of all places, the universe threw me merciless into

Step #2.

For a reason or Coincidence?? Part 1

Step #1

Have you ever heard a phrase that over time came to mean more to you than you ever could have imagined? To be honest, I had never thought about it until my world had turned completely upside down. I was at a stage in life where I needed guidance. I needed something, anything, that would give me a cornerstone of truth to move forward with. Quite literally i needed help!!! The sooner the better. Little did I know that this simple phrase would be the cornerstone of the life I was about to build.

“Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment
that something is more important
than fear.”

” Courage.” Perhaps I never knew the true meaning of this word. Perhaps like a lot of people, I thought that being courageous meant being emotionally strong and that if I was afraid, I was less than anyone who wasn’t. I believed that if I had fear of something. I would have to go to counseling for a while, so that I could overcome this fear. I believed that I had to get over my fear before I could consider myself courageous. It dawned on me one day, many years ago, that this phrase doesn’t

say you won’t be afraid but that it is imperative that you reach for your dreams in spite of being afraid. Wait a minute! I started to realize that for 42 years of my life I had misunderstood how this is supposed to work and if I am correct this will change my world as I know it. I was beginning to question all of my core values and truly everything I had based them on until this very moment in time. It is amazing how one simple phrase can change your understanding and help you see so much clearer. What was I starting to see more clearly? My truth.

I could never have known how this new knowledge would impact my life. Is it all really that simple? It’s just a choice? Well, I can’t say that it was just a choice, but I can say that it was like a switch that went off in my brain. At that moment in time I was given a tool that I could use to propel myself forward to places in life that I had only ever dreamed of. Do you know those places? Maybe you say, if I had this I would…., or if I was rich I would…., or if I had more courage I would…..! In my case, tears would fall down my cheeks when I saw someone sing on stage because I had always wanted to do that. Maybe it was the green eyed monster of jealousy lead me to putting other people down because they have what I wanted couldn’t have. Or told myself I couldn’t. After all it was an easy out so I could remain lazy. I can tell you one thing, all of this made me a very angry person. I have since come to believe that all things happen for a reason. When it is time, regardless of where you are at, I believe that the universe will throw you into a situation or situations that will put you on the path it intends you to be on. Your true souls purpose. Well let me tell you! The universe reared it’s ugly head and threw me Step #1.

“This is what happens when you don’t take action yourself, the universe intervenes.”