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“Time to go within!”


Performing again! Beautiful life!

I have come to realize that, there are darker times in ones life then you could ever have imagined. Performing piano and singing had become such a way of life for me, but the universe had other plans. I would play piano and sing to help me deal with things emotionally but there came a time that I couldn’t even look at the piano or think about using my voice. It’s like the trauma of the last three years had closed my throat chakra so tight and all of my creativity was sucked dry.

I was being taught that I had to stand up for what was my truth. I had to speak out about injustice and a deep level of pain I had never imagined. How could I have ended up here after all of my success. Well I was being shaped and molded by Divine Source to create a new me. A new future and a new depth of of love and understanding in the depths of my soul.

Well my friends, the wait is over. I have come back and after all of that to feel my heart so full of love and joy for music and my musical family was truly amazing.

I can’t remember the last time my heart felt so full. Performing is definitely something that brings me incredible joy. I am so thankful and feel so blessed to have the talent that I have and to be able to grace the world with it.

❤ Thank you Divine Source for helping me see the beauty that is in me. ❤

Universal CODE:

I was about to write an article on the basis of love and blah blah blah…well amazingly enough this phrase came to my mind.

“Universal Code”

I thought ok universe, what exactly is universal code. I went on youtube and started to listen to peoples mathematical theories about universal code and got another message.

“You don’t need that…We will tell you.”

Alrighty then. So here I sit wondering about universal code. God code. So I am just going to channel my thoughts to you through this keyboard. Sound Good? O.K. Here we go.


Universal Code is like a mesh net. One made of light. White light with a blue glow. It surrounds the earth and all living beings on it. Light streaming into the top of the crown chakra out the bottom of the feet. From east to west, into one hand and out the other like a cross. All connecting on a grid of light that joins all beingness together as one. It is where we come from and what we are made of. Universal Code is a Divine code. A set of universal rules…made up to keep us all tied to “The All that is All”. The mind is universal code that strings all things together.

A code is a system of signals or symbols for communication. On a vibrational Frequency the system has light and color for communication. Unseeable by many and felt by the masses. Nobody can conceive or imagine the vastness or extreme being that this universal code entails or how it intertwines us all together. We have an idea but we do not fully understand all that it entails. We never will as this is for higher entities then those that dwell in the 3rD, 4thD, or even the 5th Dimension.


This code however does run through all beings. This code is a vibrational field of enlightenment and understanding that if you understand even a small amount of it’s vastness will ascend your being to a new level of awareness. At first you may find this brings you discomfort, perhaps physically and even mentally as your body adjusts to this new way of understanding. It doesn’t tell your brain what to think or feel but your brain will be at rest because the wave of code flowing through you will connect you to ALL that is. Your brain will be at ease. Your body will be relaxed. It is as if a full body healing is happening from the inside out. It is taking you to a knew level of ascension. One that heals and improves all that feels wrong. One that brings a wave of peace that ascends your being into the feeling of comfort like you experienced in your mothers womb.


It revives your soul and DNA to a place of prehuman existence. You will remember who you truly are. When you discover this code you will look at other people differently. You will see that they are you as you are them. The universal vibration that flows through all things flows through all beings. It ties us all together in a way that will bring understanding and trust in our existence. Trust that Divine Source flows through all. From the smallest plant to the most intelligent being. What can be more purposeful then a being who wants to bring this light to the world? Are you that being? That being that feels the universe vibrating through your center? Do you feel drawn and purposeful toward others? Toward your true path?

Let go of it all. Be Still and feel the universal code flow through you uninhibited? Nothing blocks you from doing and being all that you are. All that you can be. All that your intention has set forward before you even came forth from the All.

“Is this the true universal code”