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Energy Shift Oct 16, 2018.

Something has been changing in my world and the vibration I feel is pretty intense. It’s like someone has been shaking the pop bottle and the lid is about to explode off. You know that feeling when something big is coming and you don’t know what but you intuitively feel it rushing through your body. You can feel the growing energy of antisipation.

For me this is an exciting feeling, like anything is possible. Like the next wave of energy is a new cycle that will bring me the inspiration to be the most genuine version if myself that I have ever been.

I feel as though I am at a huge precious of change. Great change. Like things I have been working towards my whole life are about to manifest in huge ways.

The Universe has ways of doing things and bringing people together to accomplish our hopes and dreams on a whole new level. We really have no idea if the vastness and power that Source has in our life because source is constantly working behind the scenes. We are not in this life alone.

If you only knew who it is that walks beside you everyday, you would never have fear, doubt, or be stressed because the power that holds you where you are supposed to be in this life is the Divine. Do you have any idea the work that goes on behind the scenes to bring favor to your life. Just to put you on your path of your Divine Soul’s intention?

Blessings abound my friends. They are not hard to find. Just open your heart and see.

~Guiding Halo~

“Time to go within!”


Life CODE!!

“A Valuable Lesson has been learned.”

“Life Code”

I have being on the journey to help my son move to a new city. My other son was living there already but I had to move him as well because they were both moving into a new apartment together. I have quickly come to realize this would prove to be a more daunting task then I had realized.

I mean moving is daunting in it’s entirety already but what can I say. This proved to be a whole new level of daunting. Although I have also realized that it gave me the opportunity to be used in a way that I value most. In fact it very well may be the place that I put the most value in my life. I love giving. I will give all that I have and then some. To the “nth” degree. But what most don’t realize, is that it blesses me to give. It makes me feel alive in ways that I never knew were possible. To give with the idea that it is simply to give out of the purest form of love.


There was a monk that once said, always plant a tree where it will bring the most shade but where you never plan to sit. This is talking about selfless acts of kindness. I have been living this state of existence for the last several years. Although I have recently been made aware of one flaw in this theory that I have been interjecting in my human imperfection. I have been searching in a very small part for reciprocation. If you give with the attitude to receive in any way shape and or form from another human, you are giving with the hope of reciprocation. You see the problem here? It rarely ever comes.


I believe that true giving is done with the idea of no reciprocation. If you want to give…give. If you want reciprocation, I suppose that is fine to but seek it from divine source. Do not seek reward from imperfect humans who will only give you a morsel of what divine source could give you anyway. What you truly desire, could never truly be given in it’s entirety by people. It can only be given by source. I have come to realize that source knows me better than I know myself so therefore the divine could be the only source to give me what I truly need despite my own asking and my own desires. IF you ask an imperfect human as we all are to bring you reciprocation then you will get imperfect reciprocation. Like attracts like. If you do not search for reciprocation then guaranteed you can spend more time planting trees you don’t intend to sit under. Which source values more than reciprocation and you will come to value it more as well.

“You can move people further with love, then you can a moving truck.”

I have given my time, all I own, all of my money and all of my love, to those who need it. I trust that source will lead me to more who need my services and along the way provide me with the ability and clarity to be what is needed. Trust is an amazing thing. It’s not trusting a person or in yourself. It’s trusting that no matter what happens or where life takes you that it is for a higher purpose. Be liquid love. It has never steered me in the wrong direction. EVER!!!


~Guiding Halo~