I look forward to getting to know you when you book your very own personal reading. 🙂 Donations Donations are very much appreciated to keep this channel running.You may donate through Pay Pal and send to There is a spot to add a note so please make sure you put the word donation in... Continue Reading →


Performing again! Beautiful life!

I have come to realize that, there are darker times in ones life then you could ever have imagined. Performing piano and singing had become such a way of life for me, but the universe had other plans. I would play piano and sing to help me deal with things emotionally but there came a... Continue Reading →

Time to go within.

We need to go within, to meditate, to connect to source, to understand our next steps. It's a good thing. when you feel like shutting out the world to figure things out, do it. Do not delay,. You need to connect with source.

Changed forever.

Change is like a right of passage. Something we all go through regardless of circumstance. Regardless of how rich or poor we are. Regardless of how well behaved we choose to be or where our choices in life take us. It is the one constant that we can rely on. As I have faced some... Continue Reading →

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