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Life at times is a hard thing to figure!

Sometimes being stomped on. Having your heart torn out of your chest and stomped on again is one if lifes biggest blessings. I know it sure helped me grow some lady balls and get myself regrouped.

Not only that it showed me how much a person can truly endure. It is incredible that less than a 1% perspective change can change the trajectory of your life as you know it. Did you ever have a sling shot… Put a rock in it and had the absolute best intentions to hit your target? All of a sudden a person would tap you on the shoulder and say wait… Which direction is the wind coming from. Whats your arch trajectory based on distance to hit your mark. Anxiously you make those adjustments…. You feel confident and you realease hitting you target bang on.

Did you ever stop to think that the universe views it that same way? We have our dreams and our sites in target.. But it holds us up for a purpose so that when we do launch… We launch with all if the best perseptions and perspectives in play? When there are things your aren’t even aware of yet, that if you did know it will change your path and lifes trajectory as you know it. Be thankful for the hold ups my friends. Be thankful that Divine Source has your back. We are not in this alone.

~Guiding Halo~

“Time to go within!”


Lighthouse of Inspiration

Divine Source is the Lighthouse of Inspiration

It is amazing that all it takes is a kind gesture from someone you care about to open your soul to new ways of thought. In thinking about how much I missed this persons presence in my life, I realized that the source that is within both of us is connected because we are all connected. There is nothing to miss because the connection is still there. Still secure. The lighthouse that was inspiring me was source that was coming from within that soul. I was being mirrored back to me like the never ending and unconditional love source is. Mirroring in relationships whether you are dealing with a friend or more is a technique you can utilize to realize where you are at in life. I learned a lot from connecting to source through this being.  What I learned most is that we all desire love. But the reality is that we all have the divine within us so we are all love. When we connect with another person whether we can explain our feelings or not….we are connecting with divine source within that person. Understanding this helps create a knowledge of love that is limitless. We are all connected by divine source within each of us. When we feel unconditional love we feel it because source within us sees that person as perfect. Just as source sees us as perfect. Perhaps?

“Guiding Halo”


Second cup Second kisses.

“That is the first time I have ever kissed someone in Second Cup.

“July 11th 2018”

It takes one second to change your life as you know it. One second to change another life. I sit here in Second Cup with my lighthouse of inspiration. Coming into alignment with my inner being and enjoying all the beauty life has for me.

” July 17th 2018″

TODAY i thought I was facing a loss, but to my surprise I had second kisses at second cup. I faced today, head on inspite of my fear. I opened my arms wide and said Amaze me universe. It has so far.

I wonder if we did that every day what beauty would behold us. It is easy to say you should do this or that, but the reality is if we choose to live a love lead life, then beauty is around us at all times. Love isn’t hard my friends or I don’t believe it should be. If you love someone tell them. If your heart finds beauty in the day tell someone about it. Joy and love can be found in the smallest of things. Like Second Kisses at Second Cup. ❤🔥❤.

“That’s light house inspiration for ya.”

Being guided and lead by the

“Guiding Halo”