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Life at times is a hard thing to figure!

Sometimes being stomped on. Having your heart torn out of your chest and stomped on again is one of life’s biggest blessings. I know it sure helped me grow some lady balls and get myself regrouped.

Not only that it showed me how much a person can truly endure. It is incredible that less than a 1% perspective change can change the trajectory of your life as you know it. Did you ever have a sling shot… Put a rock in it and had the absolute best intentions to hit your target? All of a sudden a person would tap you on the shoulder and say wait… Which direction is the wind coming from. Whats your arch trajectory based on distance to hit your mark. Anxiously you make those adjustments…. You feel confident and you release hitting you target bang on.

Did you ever stop to think that the universe views it that same way? We have our dreams and our sites in target.. But it holds us up for a purpose so that when we do launch… We launch with all if the best perceptions and perspectives in play? When there are things your aren’t even aware of yet, that if you did know it will change your path and life’s trajectory as you know it. Be thankful for the hold ups my friends. Be thankful that Divine Source has your back. We are not in this alone.

~Guiding Halo~


“Time to go within!”


Time to go within.

The Hermit : Virgo

be34ab7be99b49bb6564407d95f9806e--daily-tarot-tarot-readingHe stands alone on the top of a mountain with a lantern in his hand. Mountains typically symbolize achievement, growth, and accomplishment. The Hermit has attained his spiritual pinnacle and is ready to share his knowledge with others. He is also continuing the path he has chosen, committed to his goal of ultimate awareness. The star in the lantern is a six-pointed star (the Seal of Solomon, a symbol of wisdom). The staff carried by the Hermit is the patriarch’s staff, a symbol of the narrow path of initiation and an emblem of power and authority. It represents the Hermit’s ability to use his isolation and the knowledge he has gained as a tool upon his path to reachUntitled1

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For a Reason Or Coincidence?? Part 5


Step #3

So there, I was on the surgery list again. How exciting. “Said with a whooooole lot of sarcasm.” Here I was waiting again. You’d think I’d have been a pro at it by this time. Have you ever realized that the closer you get to something the more frustrated and tired of waiting, you become? Maybe it is because our soul feels the closeness of these changes appearing in our vibration. We first hatch the idea…the universe answers and then we line our vibration up with the intended result. This is when I believe we start to lose resistance to the idea and the universe brings our intentions closer to realization. This is also when we get the most frustrated to the point where we say a few choice words and give up on the whole thing all together….which is brilliant because that is when the state of zero resistance occurs.
Allowing the universe more creative license to bring us our desires. Why? Because we get our ego’s out of the way.

The late Wayne Dyer liked saying that EGO stands for Edge God Out. I like that theory. I also like the saying…man can do only so much…then comes God.


So finally the day for surgery comes. Surgery is had and all of a sudden,….I start losing weight. It didn’t take long. By Christmas that year I was 200lbs. Then by spring I was 160. By summer I was 150 and that is where I stayed for a long while.

During the spring of that year, about three weeks before Valentines Day…I thought…what are the chances that I could take my piano playing and singing professional? I decided to stop in at the local hotel and ask if they needed a pianist there in the lounge. They didn’t but they highered me to play piano for their Valentine’s Day Dinner in their restaurant. It was all very exciting and thus began my career being a professional pianist. Now go ahead and ask me what makes a person all of a sudden decide to go and do that? Remember a while back I mentioned that whole “Courage” word? Yup. that is exactly what it took and a desire to be my best me. I was thin and I had no more excuses to hide behind. No more fat to hide behind either. It was an incredibly liberating experience. I pride myself in being a person of my word but I can honestly say that this is possibly the first time I kept my word to myself on something so vitally important to my emotional well being. It truly has been a huge blessing in my life.


For a reason or Coincidence?? Part 1

Step #1

Have you ever heard a phrase that over time came to mean more to you than you ever could have imagined? To be honest, I had never thought about it until my world had turned completely upside down. I was at a stage in life where I needed guidance. I needed something, anything, that would give me a cornerstone of truth to move forward with. Quite literally i needed help!!! The sooner the better. Little did I know that this simple phrase would be the cornerstone of the life I was about to build.

“Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment
that something is more important
than fear.”

” Courage.” Perhaps I never knew the true meaning of this word. Perhaps like a lot of people, I thought that being courageous meant being emotionally strong and that if I was afraid, I was less than anyone who wasn’t. I believed that if I had fear of something. I would have to go to counseling for a while, so that I could overcome this fear. I believed that I had to get over my fear before I could consider myself courageous. It dawned on me one day, many years ago, that this phrase doesn’t

say you won’t be afraid but that it is imperative that you reach for your dreams in spite of being afraid. Wait a minute! I started to realize that for 42 years of my life I had misunderstood how this is supposed to work and if I am correct this will change my world as I know it. I was beginning to question all of my core values and truly everything I had based them on until this very moment in time. It is amazing how one simple phrase can change your understanding and help you see so much clearer. What was I starting to see more clearly? My truth.

I could never have known how this new knowledge would impact my life. Is it all really that simple? It’s just a choice? Well, I can’t say that it was just a choice, but I can say that it was like a switch that went off in my brain. At that moment in time I was given a tool that I could use to propel myself forward to places in life that I had only ever dreamed of. Do you know those places? Maybe you say, if I had this I would…., or if I was rich I would…., or if I had more courage I would…..! In my case, tears would fall down my cheeks when I saw someone sing on stage because I had always wanted to do that. Maybe it was the green eyed monster of jealousy lead me to putting other people down because they have what I wanted couldn’t have. Or told myself I couldn’t. After all it was an easy out so I could remain lazy. I can tell you one thing, all of this made me a very angry person. I have since come to believe that all things happen for a reason. When it is time, regardless of where you are at, I believe that the universe will throw you into a situation or situations that will put you on the path it intends you to be on. Your true souls purpose. Well let me tell you! The universe reared it’s ugly head and threw me Step #1.

“This is what happens when you don’t take action yourself, the universe intervenes.”