Manifest Through Love Abraham Hicks


Life is Beautiful.

Life is so dynamic and full. I am so excited about every step of this journey. About watching it all unfold one synchronization after another. Each moment. Each memory. Each feeling. Each smile. Each frown. All parts of the journey that make up this beautiful life. Reach for the best feeling thought. Lead from inspiration... Continue Reading →

Time to go within.

We need to go within, to meditate, to connect to source, to understand our next steps. It's a good thing. when you feel like shutting out the world to figure things out, do it. Do not delay,. You need to connect with source.

Love Poem

Being fierce from a place of force is not always what is required, It's better to come from a place where divine source to has inspired There are no battles in life that actually need to be fought Just let Source lead the way, as every wise teacher has taught. The light that is within... Continue Reading →

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